Blanco Pioneer Museum - 418 Pecan St, Blanco, TX - 830-554-0831
Photo of Nell Krueger, Pat Ryan, and Vic Hinez

Museum President Nell Krueger, building owner Pat Ryan, and museum volunteer Vic Hinez.
418 Pecan Street, Blanco, Texas
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For more information,
call 830-554-0831 or email .

Group reservations are also available.

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The museum is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm.

The museum is also open for groups with reservations or for tours — call 830-554-0831.

Museum fees: adults $2, children 4-15 $1, under 4 free. Pat Ryan donated the use of the building and supported some of the expenses involved with up-keep. Tours get special rates.

About the Museum
The Blanco Pioneer Museum opened in the Pat Ryan Building in 2009. The building, located in the Blanco Historic District at 418 Pecan Street, was recently restored. Just a block off the Courthouse Square, the museum is used for genealogical and historical exhibits and events.

The first exhibit was "American Living — Then and Now" and featured many items, which premiered on October 2, 2009. The lovely, restored house was furnished as it would have been in the mid-1800s, with beautiful antique furniture and accessories, loaned by many for this exhibit. Older adults reminisced about the use of many of the items and could share that information with the youngsters who attended, so they could see what pioneer life was back then.

The museum's second exhibit was World War II. With artifacts from all over, including uniforms, flags, newspapers, photos, and much more, the museum provided a glimpse into the past.

The museum's third exhibit, which opened September 8, 2012, is Western Heritage.

Pat Ryan's generosity makes this undertaking possible and we hope many of you will join with us in this preservation effort.

At the grand opening, Pioneer Museum president Nell Krueger gave the welcoming address, the highlight of which was the mission statement of the museum, "the vision being the start of a major museum for Blanco and the surrounding area.

"With the changing exhibits and events, it will become not only a tourist attraction, but a place all of us can enjoy, to preserve our past so the youth of today can understand what life was like for their ancestors.

"The opportunity given us for the use of this building by Pat Ryan and the financial support from the community as well as the help from many volunteers to provide staffing will enable us to operate without having to charge admission."

Board of Directors

  • Lawrence Coffee - President
  • Dolores Bevers - Vice President
  • Peggy Wright - Treasurer
  • Linda Howard - Secretary
  • Marc Mabrito - member
  • Laura Mabrito - member
  • Victor Hinze - Maintenance
  • Diane H
  • Open member spot
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