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Past Exhibits
The Blanco Pioneer Museum opened in 2009 — for more, see About BPM. Our current exhibit is Western Heritage.

Photo of medals

The World War II exhibit came together with the help of our Blanco friends and museum supporters. Everyone in town has contributed to this exhibit. The exhibit was open from September 18, 2010, to July 29, 2012.

All the uniforms, pictures, newspapers, magazines and books, plus all the other items on loan for this display. There are many history stories to be read and told.

See more photos from the World War II exhibit.

Photo of cash register

American Living — Then and Now
Have you thought what living in the 1800s was like? Would you go to the barn and milk the cow, gather eggs, or go to the old smokehouse just to get ham or bacon for your breakfast? Yes, you would if you lived in the 1800s because a refrigerator just did not exist yet!

Visitors made this journey of finding out what did and did not exist, or had changed since they were born and grew to adulthood. The museum featured 25 areas to enlighten visitors on how much our world has changed. Children in the family were amazed to see how great-grandmothers churned their butter, ironed their clothes, and washed clothes.

The exhibit opening of American Living on October 2, 2010, did have rain but the auction still continued and a fun time was had by all. The Dry River Band played under the tent and later under the old lumber shed. The auction was a success and the miniature horse, donated by Jane Macon, has a new home.

Our thanks to all of the wonderful people who gave of their talents and time and donated to help the museum raise funds to continue to operate. The Blanco Police Department did a wonderful job of keeping everyone safe.

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